World Sleep Day

16 March 2018 is World Sleep Day

Boost your sleep, listen to your clock!

Press release in Dutch

Press release in French 


24 March 2018, 13:30-15:00, UNamur: Printemps des Sciences, conference by Gianni Franco:

Le sommeil et ses mystères, garant de notre qualité de vie.


Sleep Networking

The new BASS board has the intention to promote networking with the Belgian Sleep centers on clinical matters.

The aim is to gather as many Belgian sleep centers as possible to perform research projects of high quality, or to attract international projects in the future. Also, through a close collaboration, the influence on the organization of Sleep Medicine might increase.


The first project is the making of a registry on 'Central Sleep apnea' (CSA) in this networking initiative. CSA, quiet prevalent, can be divided in different types (CSA in heart failure, secondary to mediation, during CPAP, …). Recently, a lot of attention is devoted internationally to new treatments. However, in the new convention that started on 1.1.2017, CSA patients can't be treated as there is actually no reimbursement. (OAHI of > 15 /h is required).This might be a good moment to follow those patients closely.



The participating centers gather on May 24.5.2018, in Dworp. 


Cognitive behavorial therapy for insomnia

Partial reimbursment by CM-Ziekenfonds


CM wants to offer her members the possibility to be reimbursed for the 'cognitive behavorial therapy for Insomnia'. 

Sleepcenters wanting to offer this possibility to their patients, should contact