André Kahn Sleep Award


In the commemoration of Prof. Dr. André Kahn, the BASS has introduced a scientific award with the specific aim to promote and reward original research related to the field of sleep and sleep medicine of individual members. The prize is intended to facilitate active participation of the laureate in an international scientific symposium. The award was first issued in 2000 and was consolidated into an annual tradition. As from 2021, only one André Kahn award will be given



The laureate of the scientific contest organized during the Autumn meeting of the BASS will receive the "André Kahn Sleep Award". This award is a stipend that will allow participation in any international congress of personal preference and presentation of the laureate's original work during this conference. The laureate's personal expenses with respect to travelling by air or train, meeting registration and lodging for the duration of the congress may be covered by the prize.

The prize will be presented to the participant whose presentation received the highest quote by the jury. The topic must be related to clinical-medical, clinical-scientific or basic-scientific aspects of sleep. The laureate will be awarded 2000 €.


Candidates must be younger than 65 years. At least one of the co-authors of the presented paper must be a member of the BASS. 

One candidate is entitled to only one presentation. 

The abstracts, one A4 page, must be sent to the BASS secretary or to , at least 2 weeks before the actual meeting.  In case there are more than 10 abstracts, the jury may decide to make a preselection.

All abstracts and presentations must be in English. The presentation consists of a 10 minutes oral communication using slides or overhead sheets + 2 minutes discussion.

The candidates are judged with respect to originality of the topic, scientific relevance and quality of the presentation.

The jury consists of  members of the BASS board plus delegates of Belgian universities not represented in the board or foreign invited speakers present during the scientific meeting. If a BASS board member is co-author of one of the abstracts presented, he or she will not judge this particular abstract.

The president of the BASS is chair of the jury.

The jury makes a decision immediately after the last presentation by secret vote. The result is communicated at the end of the scientific meeting.

The prize is given to the laureate by the president of the BASS.



2018: Jan Van Erum et al. (UAntwerp):

Sleep architecture changes in the APP23 mouse model manifest at the onset of cognitive deficits

BAS_7088 Jan Van Erum AKSA MR


2017: Bérénice Delwiche et al. (ULB/VUB):

Objective vs subjective sleepiness: same difference?

2017 Kahn Award Delwiche


2016: Giulia Gaggioni et al.(ULG):

Age-related differences in the dynamics of cortical excitability and cognitive inhibition during prolonged wakefulness

Kahn Award 2016 2979 


2015: Liese Exelmans & Jan Van den Bulck (KUL): 

"Glued to the tube": the interplay between self-control, evening television viewing, and bedtime procrastination


Liese Exelmans

2015 André Kahn Award


2014: Bart Vrijsen (KUL):

Noninvasive ventilation improves sleep in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis: a prospective polysomnographic study


AKSA 2014 Bart Vrijssen


2013: Dries Testelmans (KUL):

Polysomnographic evaluation of sleep disordered breathing after lung transplantation


2012: Jana Maes (UZA):

Association between sleep misperception, sympathetic EEG- and ECG- activity and distribution of K-complexes and sleep spindles in primary insomnia.


2011: Johan Wuyts (VUB):

How negative expectations disturb sleep quality 


2010: Nathalie Pattyn (VUB):

Asmo: antarctic sleep monitoring
sleep-wake regulation and concurrent autonomic activation, circadian rhythms, physical activity and their impact on mood and performance during two antarctic summer expeditions


2009: Olivier Mairesse (VUB):

The cognitive-algebraic nature of alertness judgments


2008: Thien Thanh Dang-Vu (ULG):
Spindles inhibit auditory processing during sleep


2007: Aisha Cortoos (VUB):
A tele-neurofeedback versus a tele-biofeedback protocol in insomnia: a preliminary study

2006: Thien Thanh Dang-Vu (ULG):
Active brain processes during quiescent sleep


2005:  (Ex Aequo) Jean-Etienne Poirrier (ULG):
ARD, an automated device for REM sleep deprivation in rats


2005: (Ex aequo): Jan De Backer (UA)
Modelling of upper airway and the assessment of a mandibular advancement device (MAD) in a sleep apnea patient using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)


2004: [Ex aequo] Elke De Valck (VUB):
Effect of experimentally induced cognitive arousal on sleep latency, somatic and cortical arousal

2004: [Ex aequo] Stijn Quanten (VUB):
Thermoregulatory responses in driver sleepiness


2003: Olivier Van Der Veken (UZA) :
Upper airway obstruction during central sleep apnea evidenced by forced oscillation technique

2002: Servier Award : Edwin Verstraeten (VUB) :
Electrophysiology of arousal versus task-related attention in sleep apnea

2001: Vincent Joseph (ULB) :
Gestational hypoxemia induces long-lasting effects on the circadian clock and its response to light


2000: An Mariman (UGent) :
Vocalization during episodes of prolonged expiration : a parasomnia related to REM sleep