ESRS examination for somnologists

Sleep medicine is a central component in modern multi-disciplinary health-care systems, and calls for the indepth specialization and training of sleep medicine specialists to benefit higher accuracy in diagnosis, and improved treatment and intervention methods. This also calls for unified approaches and the development of standard European curricula in sleep medicine.

In this context, the European Sleep Research Society organises the 'Somnology' sleep examination.


For new examinations in sleep medicine for somnologists and sleep technologists, online application is possible at


Belgian BASS members who succeeded in the Somnology examination:


2012, Paris:

Dirk Pevernagie

2013, Berlin:

Bertien Buyse

Katrien Hertegonne

Jean-Benoit Martinot

Johan Verbraecken

2014, Talinn:

Simona Ciordas

Nathalie Coppens

Ilse De Volder

Riëm El Tahry

Giuseppe Liistro

An Mariman

Daniel Neu

Johan Newell

Valérie Quaedvlieg

Sonia Scaillet

Pieter Jan Simons

Dries Testelmans

Guy Van Den Abeele

Alain Volckaert

2015, Barcelona:

Lieven Bedert

Kevin Collet

Gisèle Maury

Antonio Moscariello

2016, Bologna:

Sophia Abdel Kafi
Marie Bruyneel
Julien Fanielle
Maryse Van den Heuvel
Ann Van Gastel
Kristof Verhoeven
Karolien Weytjens

2017, Marseille:

Delphine Gouteux

Stephanie Hödl
Yves Tanghe

Murat Türk
Sandra Van den Broecke

2018, Basel:

Mariana Brozici

An Carlier

Inge Declercq

Berenice Delwiche

Tom Moerman

Tamim Salem

Kristin Strobbe

Annelies Van Dycke